Selection, Assembly & Troubleshooting of Linear Motion Guideways (LMG)


Selection, Assembly & Troubleshooting of Linear Motion Guideways (LMG)

Welcome to Selection, Assembly & Troubleshooting of Linear Motion Guideways (LMG) eLearning Module

Linear Motion Guideways (LMG) is one of the important element of machine tool and most mechanical equipment used in industries. LMG provide a smooth and linear motion, due to which higher accuracy and precision can be obtained in machine tools. The main function of guideways is to make sure that the cutting tool or machine tool operative elements moves along predetermined path. Coefficient of friction for a LMG is only 1/50th and clearance free as compared to a traditional slide.

Today LMGs are used on various machine tools such as CNC Laths, CNC Machining centres, Industrial robots, Measuring machines, Transportation machines, welding machines, Robotics & automation, etc.

This module helps one to understand selection, assembly and trouble shooting of LMG and method of achieving long life with highly accurate motion with many examples.

Course Duration : 2 Hours 23 Minutes Price : Rs. 2000  Rs. 750 + 18% GST

This module is developed by Mr. Shiva Kumar , Former Joint General Manager, HMT (R&D), Bangalore. He is an industry expert with over 25 years of rich experience in Design & Development of CNC Machines. Presently Mr. Shiva Kumar is a Technical Consultant to THK India Pvt Ltd and has been associated with THK Co, Ltd., for the past over 20 years.

The index of topics of LMG Web Tutor is as follows :

  • Introduction to LM Guideways
  • LM Guideways selection parameters
  • Applications for Machine tools
  • Mounting arrangement of LM Guideways
  • LM Guideways - Troubleshooting