Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T)


Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T)

Welcome to Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) E-Learning Module

GD&T is a design tool. It is a symbolic language used on engineering drawing to define part geometry and communicate permissible variation. The language of GD&T consists of a set of well-defined symbols, rules, definitions and conventions. GD&T is a mathematical language that can be used to define the size, form, orientation and location of part features. Proper defining of part using GD&T provides the best conditions for consistence interpretation, proper function and cost effective manufacturing.

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) system eliminates ambiguities in engineering drawings and brings out the designer's intent very clearly. It ensures seamless communication between design, engineering, manufacturing and quality teams across the entire organization enabling them working in a concurrent engineering environment. In the competitive industrial scenario prevailing today, proper application of GD&T system helps the companies to reduce the manufacturing and inspection costs.

In this module you will be experiencing world of GD&T with ample examples and demonstrations.

Learning Duration : 10 Hours

Price : Rs. 499 + 18% GST (For participants from India) Price : USD 20 (For participants from Overseas)

This module is developed by M. Krishnamoorthy, is the Senior Director of IMTMA Technology Centre and an authorized training instructor with ASME, NY for delivering accredited ASME GD&T Trainings. He has undergone advanced training in GD&T from ASME at Seattle, USA. He is a certified ASME GDTP Senior Professional after successful completion of Senior Level GDTP certification examination by ASME, USA.

For over 28 years of his continued engineering practice in the industry, he has acquired astute expertise in the application and use of GD&T principles in CAD/CAM, high precision CNC machining as well as conducting Technical Trainings. He has imparted specialized training in GD&T for more than 500 engineers across manufacturing companies in India and assisted them in implementing GD&T in design through manufacturing. He is a post graduate in Production Engineering from PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore. Prior to working at IMTMA, Mr. Krishnamoorthy has worked at ISRO Satellite Centre, Bangalore in the field of Precision Machining of satellite on – board components. After ISRO, he was with Perfect Moulds and UMS technologies as a specialist in Tool Planning and Production and Technical Training in CAD/CAM/CAE, respectively. At IMTMA, his role is to develop and introduce new programs for enhancing competitiveness of industry.

The index of topics of GD&T Web Tutor is as follows :

Introduction to GD&T
  • Need and benefit of GD&T
  • GD&T Standard-ASMEY14.5
  • GD&T Terminology and rules
  • GD&T Symbols and modifiers
  • Concept of Datum
Form Tolerances

( Interpretation and inspection methods )

  • Straightness tolerance
  • Flatness tolerance
  • Circularity tolerance
  • Cylindricity tolerance
Profile Tolerances

( Interpretation and inspection methods )

  • Profile of a line tolerance
  • Profile of a surface tolerance
Orientation Tolerances

( Interpretation and inspection methods )

  • Parallelism tolerance
  • Perpendicularity tolerance
  • Angularity tolerance
Location Tolerances

( Interpretation and inspection methods )

  • Position tolerance
  • Concentricity tolerance
  • Symmetry tolerance
Runout Tolerances

( Interpretation and inspection methods )

  • Circular runout tolerance
  • Total runout tolerance
Final assessment
  • Final assessment

Overall training module is very nicely made with very high standards it’s like self-explanatory type module it does not leave any query after completion of full training. Moreover aiding videos of how shared geometrical features like straightness, flatness , circularity , cylindricity, etc. can be checked are also explained along with procedure shared. Different type of tolerances are explained along with right number of examples. Congratulations to team for great effort and approach which resulted in such a great module.

Room Singh, TVS Motor Co.

Really a wonderful experience. Concepts and pedagogy used were really creating a passion with pleasure for learning. All the modules were supported by wonderful animations, voiceovers and models followed by a walk through after every module. Really thankful to IMTMA for rolling out such an initiative with highest degree of user friendly digital learning

Srinivasan R, ZF Group

Excellent online course. Learnt many GD&T concepts

Kavin Raj, ELGI Equipments Ltd, Coimbatore

Overall GD&T from IMTMA is a very good online course for basic knowledge

Abhilash Menon


The GD & T e-learning is a good course for beginners in Mechanical engineering field. The course explains the concepts in the simplest way. Knowledge check and Quiz at the end made the course more interesting. Demonstration videos on how to measure GD& T helped to understand the topic better.

Abhishek H M, BE from Siddaganga institute of Technology, Tumkur

IMTMA GD&T eLearning program is designed beautifully. The program covered the basics of GD&T and its applications. Concepts of GD&T are explained with examples, gives us clear understanding on the topic. Also knowledge check and quiz at the end makes the learning more strong.

Aditya M Patil, BE from KLS-VDIT, Haliyal