Heat treatment-Metallurgy and Processes (HTMP)


Heat treatment-Metallurgy and Processes (HTMP)

Welcome to Heat treatment-Metallurgy and Processes (HTMP) eLearning Module

Heat Treatment is a controlled heating and cooling of metals to alter their physical and mechanical properties without changing the product shape.It is a thermal processing of alloys to induce certain property changes in the materials.There is always a demand by the customers to get superior product for less cost. Majority of the components of industrial products, be it automotive or Engineering are manufactured out of various types of steel due to its favourable cost to strength ratio. Steel properties can be changed to meet the design requirement by suitable heat treatment processes. Therefore in-depth knowledge of different Industrial heat treating processes is essential.

This course is very useful to understand various types of heat treatment processes and metallurgical changes during each heat treatment processes..

Course Duration : 2 Hours 50 Minutes Price : Rs. 2000  Rs. 750 + 18% GST

Mr. Ganapathi K N is corporate trainer and consultant, having 16 years of industrial and 15 years of academic and training experience. He is a mechanical engineer with post graduate in metal casting science and engineering.

Ganapathi has worked at various capacity in manufacturing companies and has thorough knowledge of Materials, Metallurgy, Metal casting and heat treatment processes. He has carried out many specialised programmes on metal casting technologies, Metallurgy and heat treatment for industries. He has also taught these topics to post graduate engineering students.

The index of topics of HTMP Web Tutor is as follows :

  • Introduction to Heat Treatment
  • Metallurgy of Steel and Cast Iron
  • Heat Treatment Processes
  • Bulk Heat Treatment Processes
  • Surface Heat Treatment Processes
  • Post Assessment