Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)


Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Welcome to Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) E-Learning Module

OEE is the single best metric for identifying losses and improve productivity of the manufacturing equipment. OEE is a key performance indicator that measures how effectively available time is utilised in producing saleable goods. OEE is a performance metric compiled from data on machine availability, performance efficiency and rate of quality, that is collected either manually or automatically.

In today’s highly competitive scenario asset utilisation is a key factor en route to being a world class company. OEE is a very transparent and universally understood metric to measure just this. Improving equipment productivity should be one of the most important challenges faced by any manufacturing unit. In reality most manufacturing companies have OEE scores closer to 60% or less when measured correctly. Achieving word class OEE of 85% is a challenging task for any industry. Educating people about OEE, constant monitoring of OEE and adopting appropriate lean tools to improve OEE helps any industry to achieve world class productivity.

This module helps one to understand OEE, and improvement methodology for OEE with several examples.

Learning Duration : 3 Hours 30 Minutes

Price : Rs. 499 + 18% GST (For participants from India) Price : USD 20 (For participants from Overseas)

This module is developed by Mr. Gautam Doshi, Advisor, IMTMA. Mr. Doshi is a B.Tech(Mech) from IIT, Powai and an industry expert with over 42 years of experience in Machine Tool and Automotive industry. He has conducted several training programmes, seminars & workshops on machine tool related subjects. He is a consultant to reputed companies in the area of Productivity and Quality improvement and Adviser to many companies manufacturing automotive components and Dies & Moulds. Mr. Doshi is former Vice President & Technical Director, PMT Machine Tool Automatics Ltd. Pune and has also served in Tata Motors for over 5 years. He is the author of several IMTMA publications such as ‘First Time CNC’, Guidelines on Process Capability to name a few.

The index of topics of OEE Web Tutor is as follows :

Introduction to OEE
  • Concept of OEE
  • Components of OEE
  • Factors contributing to low OEE
  • TEEP Concept
OEE Improvement
  • 16 Major Losses
  • Corrective action to improve OEE
  • OEE Case studies
  • Benefit of Automated OEE data collection
Final assessment
  • Final assessment

Highly appreciated with very professional content and making OEE fundamental clear. I see such content hardly available today

Rabindra sah, Jamshedpur