About eLearn


About eLearn

Welcome to eLearn Programs from IMTMA Training

V. Anbu
Director General & Chief Executive Officer, IMTMA.

IMTMA - eLearn Program is another initiative in IMTMA's extensive efforts in disseminating knowledge and skill training on all aspects of manufacturing technology.

The eLearn program brings knowledge to your desk through packaged training modules on various topics which you can access at any time as per your convenience.

These are prepared by experts with specialized knowledge and deep experience in the topic of training in each such module.

After you have taken this training, you can expect to be well informed on the subject which will help you perform better at your job and meet higher expectations from your employer. Or, if you are self-employed or run a manufacturing set up, you and your employees can acquire higher level of skills through the eLearn program while you still carry out your daily work schedules.

We are very happy that you have selected to use this route to acquire higher skills.

The eLearn modules have features that will help you interact with the presenter to clear your doubts and get clarifications.

The content is divided with breaks in between which gives you time to absorb the matter you have just gone through.

You can go back and rerun the module if you wish. You can complete the process at your own pace to get a thorough understanding of the subject matter.

At the end of the module, you will find FAQs which will answer most of your questions.

You will also have an opportunity to address your specific queries to the presenter through email and obtain responses within a stipulated time.

You will also be asked to give your feedback on the module. Please favour us with your feedback as this will help us develop the program to meet the highest expectations of users like you.

We welcome you to the IMTMA eLearn program and wish you all success in acquiring higher skills in manufacturing technology.